Shyang Chern Industrial

  • Innovation Design & RD

    Forward looking innovative technology R&D, develop new process applications.

  • SCI Advantages

    Competent, flexible and straightforward project management

    Enormous expertise in production engineering

    Experience of a wide range of sectors and industries

    Extensive in-house production facilities for projects and series production

  • Our Software

    From the concept of clients' products to research and development, SCI has both an excellent team and also actively invest in software and hardware, including CAD/CAE/CAM to in response to customer needs.

  • SCI Engineering – in the lead right from the start

    At the early phase of the product development, SCI is actively participating in accordance with the product characteristic, material usage, manufacturing process for deliberation; also address out the potential risks for the best production solution.

    Often the original product design is leaving the actual production side out of the consideration which lead to numerous unnecessary mistakes. SCI is able to eliminate the above situation through the open dialogue and professional experiences.


DESIGNING special-purpose machines is the essential starting point

When it comes to mass producing parts to meet customer-specific requirments, being able to design special machines and systems is really important. SCI is always able to achieve maximum automation and the most rational product handling systems.